What to Bring on a Grand Canyon Air Tour

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What should I bring with me on my Grand Canyon air tour?

What to Bring on a Grand Canyon Air Tour

Before you pack your bags, check with your particular air tour company to see if they have restrictions on what you bring aboard. Definitely bring:
• A still camera or video camera, the view from the air is entirely different than the view from the rim or below.
• Binoculars. Some tours get close enough to the rim and inner canyon for tourists to view native wildlife.
• Bring water if the tour is longer than an hour or so.
• Bring a sweater or jacket, especially in the winter months. It's cooler the higher you go in elevation, so even if it's hot outside, you may get chilly inside the aircraft.
• Try to leave purses and backpacks behind, they can take up too much room and get in the way in small airplanes and helicopters.



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