Grand Canyon Tour Lodging Packages

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Can I combine A Grand Canyon South Rim tour with lodging?

Grand Canyon Tour Lodging Packages

Many tour operators offer a Grand Canyon South Rim tour combined with lodging. The Grand Canyon Railway offers tours like this with rooms at a Grand Canyon South Rim hotel, and so do many others.

If you really want to see as much of the canyon as you can, plan to stay a minimum of two nights on these tours. The Canyon drives stretch from Hermit's Rest in the west to Desert Watchtower in the east, and there's a lot of road time in between.

Each viewpoint does not offer the same view, either. They all have unique vistas, and as you travel, you'll notice the light in the canyon shifts with the sun, changing colors, shadows, and the mood of the canyon. Don't think you've seen the canyon from only one spot. To really see and understand the elements at work here, give yourself a few days to explore and enjoy.



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