Bike Touring in the Grand Canyon

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Can I ride or rent a bicycle in the Grand Canyon?

Bike Touring in the Grand Canyon

Bikes are not available for rent inside the park, but you are welcome to bring your own bike and create your own custom Grand Canyon South Rim tour. There are some regulations about bikes you need to know before you hit the road, however.
• Bikes are permitted on all paved and unpaved roads in the park, and on the new Greenway Trail.
• Bikes are NOT permitted on any trails in the park, including the Rim Trail.
• Bikes are subject to the same road rules as cars in Arizona.
• Bikes are welcome on the road to Hermit's Rest on the West Rim, but they need to be aware there is heavy bus traffic and the road is narrow and steep in some places
Some tour companies also offer a Grand Canyon South Rim tour that includes off-road mountain biking and travel into the park. Riders should be at least somewhat experienced for these tours.



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