Hiking the Grand Canyon

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Can I hike to the Colorado River and back in one day?

Hiking the Grand Canyon

No Grand Canyon South Rim tour is complete without at least a bit of hiking. Once you travel even a few hundred yards below the rim, the entire view and perspective of the canyon changes, and you'll be able to get up close to the rock layers that make up the canyon walls.

While the canyon is about one mile deep, trails into and out of the canyon vary from seven miles long (the South Kaibab), to 10 miles or more (the Bright Angel). Some people attempt to hike down to the river and back in one day, but this is not advisable, even in the best of shape.

Canyon temperatures are HOT in the summertime, well over a hundred degrees. Hikers must carry water, as there is no water on the Kaibab, and limited water on the Bright Angel.

Hikers should also remember that once you reach the bottom, the hardest part of the climb is still ahead of you. The trails are extremely steep in places, and the switchbacks throughout the trail can be quite congested during the summertime.

Hundreds of hikers in excellent shape are rescued from the canyon each year, and each year some people die from the exertion. Plan to spend at least two days hiking the canyon, and arrive at the rim safely.



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