Non-Commercial River Trips

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How do I apply for a non-commercial rafting permit in the Grand Canyon?

Non-Commercial River Trips

If you're an experienced river runner and you've always wanted to tackle the whitewater of the Grand Canyon, you can apply for a private, non-commercial rafting tour permit with the National Park Service. The permits are issued under a complex lottery system, and the price is $100 per person traveling in the boat.

There are a limited number of permits available, and the lottery only occurs once per year, in mid-summer, for the following year. For example, the August 2006 lottery will award launch dates for the 2007 calendar year. This gives the public the chance to create the ultimate Grand Canyon rafting tour of their dreams, without a tour operator or other middle man in the way.

You must be at least 18 to lead a trip, and several other restrictions apply. You must supply your own equipment too, including safety equipment, and you cannot swap dates once you have a date for your trip.



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