Know Your Boats on the River

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What kinds of boats do river runners use in the Grand Canyon?

Know Your Boats on the River

There are several different types of boats available for your Grand Canyon rafting tour. They include:
• Oar Boats. These can be rafts or other types of boats that are powered primarily by the guide, leaving the guests free to enjoy the thrills of the river.
• Paddle Boats. Usually large, pontoon-type rafts where the guests provide paddle power along with the guide.
• Oar Boats with Paddles. Guests can provide additional power on these boats, while the guide does most of the work.
• Dories. These are wooden craft powered by the guide. Many people feel dories offer a more intimate and exciting Grand Canyon rafting tour experience.
• Motorized Rafts. Many tourists prefer these craft because they provide a quicker tour of the river.

Know what type of boat you'd like to experience before you book your rafting tour, because some of these boats are only used on particular tours through the Grand Canyon.



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