Hiking and Rafting the Grand Canyon

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Can I hike down to meet a Grand Canyon rafting trip and continue on down the river?

Hiking and Rafting the Grand Canyon

For the ultimate Grand Canyon experience, many Grand Canyon rafting trips combine the total thrill of Grand Canyon whitewater rafting with hiking in or out of the canyon.

Rafters can choose to meet a trip at Phantom Ranch by hiking down the South Kaibab or Bright Angel Trail, meeting up with the rafting group, and continuing down the River. They can leave the trip at Phantom Ranch and hike out of the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail up to the South Rim, too.

For visitors who want to experience as much of the Grand Canyon as they possibly can, this provides a unique way to see all the environments the canyon has to offer. Not all companies offer this type of Grand Canyon rafting trip, so you may have to shop around to find the one that's just right for you.



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