Exploring the Wonders of the Colorado River

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What can I see from the Colorado River that I might not see from the rim of the Grand Canyon?

Exploring the Wonders of the Colorado River

A Grand Canyon river rafting adventure is unique in many ways. During the trip you'll pass numerous wonders that are simply not accessible except by river, so only a handful of park visitors ever have the opportunity to see them.

Redwall Cavern is just one of those spots. The cavern is a favorite stop for lunch for many a Grand Canyon raft trip and the cavern's immensity only comes through if you experience it for yourself. You'll also see abundant wildlife you wouldn't see on the rim, such as blue herons and even an occasional desert bighorn sheep.

The world of the inner gorge is a trip back in time, where you can view the oldest exposed rocks on the planet. This Vishnu Schist along the river past Phantom Ranch is also only accessible by river, too, and an added attraction for anyone enjoying a Grand Canyon raft trip.



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