Partner With Amtrak

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Can I purchase Amtrak tickets to Williams and purchase a ticket on the Grand Canyon train tour at the same time?

Partner With Amtrak

If you'd like to make your Grand Canyon visit an all-train experience, the Grand Canyon Railways offers a Grand Canyon train tour available from just about any area of the country through connections with Amtrak. In a partnership, passengers can purchase a Grand Canyon train tour ticket when they book their reservations with Amtrak.

The Southwest Chief, one of Amtrak's premier routes, serves Los Angeles and Chicago. It makes a stop in Williams along the way. Amtrak passengers in other areas of the country will need to connect with the Southwest Chief to take advantage of the Grand Canyon train tour partner arrangement.

Passengers can also tour other Northern Arizona areas, such as Sedona, by booking a tour when they purchase their tickets for the Grand Canyon train.



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