Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River

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Is there any lodging beneath the rim of the Grand Canyon?

Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in the Grand Canyon, and hikers who tackle the trek below the rim don't have to carry a tent and vittles along with their other supplies. They can stay at Phantom Ranch, a rustic haven at the bottom of the canyon that's the only lodging located beneath the canyon's rim.

Built in 1922 and designed by architect Mary E. J. Colter, the historic ranch features several rustic cabins and a main lodge where meals are served. There are also separate male and female dormitories. Hikers need to make advance reservations for the dormitories and for their meals. Mule riders on the overnight trip utilize the cabins, and their meals are included in the trip.

All the supplies for Phantom Ranch have to come by mule train down the Bright Angel Trail from the rim, or flown in by helicopter. Mules and hikers cross the Colorado River over the Kaibab Suspension Bridge, a feat of engineering built in 1928 to replace a footbridge built in 1921.



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