The North Rim

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What makes Grand Canyon's North Rim so different?

The North Rim

For many, Grand Canyon North Rim provides the "real" Grand Canyon experience. Only 10 percent of canyon visitors make it to the North Rim, which makes it far less crowded and far more enjoyable. The North Rim is at least 8,000 feet in elevation, making it more temperate than the South Rim, too.

Most of all, the North Rim is forested with alpine-type vegetation. While the South Rim offers high-desert pinyon pine, juniper, and Ponderosa pine, the North Rim is covered with firs, pines, aspens, and rolling meadows. In short, the North Rim is breathtaking along the rim, too, not just in the vistas of the canyon.

However, the North Rim is far more remote than the South Rim, and it's closed from the first snowfall of winter (usually late October or early November), until the snow melts in spring (usually mid-May or beyond). Grand Canyon North Rim is harder to get to, but it's truly worth the effort.



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