Views From the North

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Aren't the views of the canyon the same from the North Rim?

Views From the North

Just as the surroundings at Grand Canyon North Rim are different, the views of the canyon itself are quite different, too. From the South Rim, the interior of the canyon is quite prominent, as are the buttes, spires, and plateaus that make up the inner canyon.

The North Rim is higher, but the real views are across the width of the canyon, showing the expanse of the gorge and the landscape south beyond. You can see Red Butte and the San Francisco Peaks on clear days, but you won't catch many glimpses of the Colorado River up here, except from very select and secluded locations, such as Toroweap Point, which is difficult to reach without a four-wheel drive vehicle.

A visit to both Rims gives a much "deeper" perspective of the canyon and how it was formed, along with a larger appreciation of the magnitude of the canyon and its depths.



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