What to Bring on a Mule Ride

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What should I bring with me on a mule ride?

What to Bring on a Mule Ride

You can catch a mule ride on Grand Canyon North Rim, too, but none of the North Rim mule rides travel all the way to the Colorado River. You can choose from an hour ride along the rim, or 1/2-day and full-day trips into the inner gorge.

It's a good idea to bring a long-sleeved shirt for your mule ride; it offers the best protection from the sun. A large, broad-brimmed hat is recommended for protection, too. You can bring water if you have a place to carry it, and if you take a full-day trip, lunch will be provided. Insect repellent and sunscreen are also a good idea. Bring a camera too; you never know what you'll see along the trail.

Be sure to check with your trail ride company to see if there are any items prohibited on the trail. Mules are sure-footed and docile, so your ride should be a safe and pleasant experience.



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