Brighty of the Grand Canyon

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Who is "Brighty of the Grand Canyon?"

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Inside the lobby of the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge, you'll see a charming bronze statue of "Brighty," the title character in Margurite Henry's children's tale, "Brighty of the Grand Canyon."

Brighty the burro really did exist. He carried water up the trail from a spring near Bright Angel Creek sometime between 1892 and 1922, and his official name was "Bright Angel," but everyone called him Brighty.

Brighty became an instant hit with children around the world, and a production company even made a film based on the little burro in 1953. Surrounding the statue in the sunroom visitors will find some articles and information about the book, the statue, and the author. It's a tradition that rubbing Brighty's nose will bring good luck.



7/23/2007 9:50:16 AM
tammy pritchard said:

Brighty was also connected to Uncle JIm Owens, the mountian lion hunter and the suspension bridge.
it would be nice if the grand canyon park service
would do more on Brighty.
Have programs on him and the other wild burro's that used to be in the Grand Canyon and also the Wiley Way Camp that used to be on the north rim.
The little Burro played a major part in Grand Canyon History.

4/2/2008 7:40:30 AM
Charles Booth said:

The book "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" may have been released in 1953, the film was produced by my father, Stephen Booth, in 1965. He commissioned the bronze statue to give to the park in thanks for their cooperation in making the film a year later, and yes, it's good luck to rub the nose.


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