Group Tours and the Grand Canyon

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Do I really need to take a tour to see the Grand Canyon?

Group Tours and the Grand Canyon

There are several things to remember when you choose a Grand Canyon group tour. First, most of these tours have a solid itinerary that does not have much room for spontaneity or additional exploration. You'll have a certain amount of time at each viewpoint, period.

You'll probably travel with a large group, so there won't be much time for personal interaction with the tour leader, either. You'll spend a lot of time boarding and leaving the bus or van. Finally, putting several tours together to get a complete picture of the canyon can be pricey.

On the other hand, with a group tour, the tour guides are usually extremely knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon, and you'll learn a lot more information than you would on your own. You don't have to worry about driving, and often tour costs cover entry fees and meals, too.

Some people love the structure of a Grand Canyon group tour, while others find them too confining. Decide what fits your needs and expectations before you choose a Grand Canyon group tour.



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