Mule Trip Tips

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Are there restrictions on riders for the Grand Canyon mule ride?

Mule Trip Tips

Don't sign up for a Grand Canyon mule ride if you don't meet the qualifications. The trail boss will not allow you to ride if you don't meet them. The restrictions include:
• Women cannot be pregnant.
• You must weigh less than 200 pounds with all your gear. They WILL weight you before you begin the tour.
• You must be at least 4' 7" tall.
• You have to understand fluent English so you can respond to commands quickly and efficiently.
• You have to be in good physical condition.
• You shouldn't be afraid of heights or large animals.
• You shouldn't have any serious health conditions.

Mule rides are strenuous, and shouldn't be considered lightly. Heart and respiratory problems can be enhanced at canyon's elevation, so take all these considerations before you book this Grand Canyon tour.



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