What to Look for in a Tour Package

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What should I look for in a Grand Canyon tour package?

What to Look for in a Tour Package

When you purchase a Grand Canyon tour package, don't purchase by price alone. A lower-priced tour may offer substandard lodging or transportation, and probably won't include meals. Many tour packages offer high-end lodging, meals, and even entertainment in some cases. If a tour package isn't specific about lodging and other elements, steer clear of that tour.

If your package includes a river or air tour, find out what company is providing the additional tours. Check out their websites and see if you can discover how satisfied customers are with these tour companies. Or call the local Better Business Bureau to check on customer satisfaction. It's fairly easy to set up an Internet site, book tours and provide them. However, legitimate tour companies offer value and service to their clients, so be sure to look for both when you shop for a Grand Canyon tour package.



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