Don't Hike Rim-to-Rim in One Day!

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Why isn't it a good idea to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim in one day?

Don't Hike Rim-to-Rim in One Day!

You'll see this information often during your trip to the Grand Canyon, but it pays to repeat it. Even if you're in tip-top shape, hiking the Grand Canyon is a rigorous venture. The most common victims of heat stroke and death in the Grand Canyon are young males under the age of 30. In fact, Park Service records show people die hiking the canyon each year. That's right, die.

Many people think they can hike rim-to-rim in one day. It's a painstaking 16-mile trek from the trailhead of the South Kaibab Trail at Yaki Point to the top of the Bright Angel Trail. In the summer, inner canyon daytime temperatures can reach 110 degrees or more. Many hikers do not carry enough water and food to make the hike, and many underestimate the physical conditioning the hike requires.

Ranger rescue occurs only if you have a medical emergency. Otherwise, you'll have to hike out of the canyon no matter what. In addition, it takes about twice as long to hike out as it does to hike down. Many people underestimate this time too, and literally push their bodies far beyond their physical limits.

Anyone who's hiked the Grand Canyon will tell you it's much harder than they first thought. Don't put your health and your life at risk. Hike responsibly, know your limits, and don't try to be Superman when you hike below the rim.



3/8/2012 7:02:02 AM
Anthony said:

Rim to rim is actualy about 22 miles. Either north kaibab to south kaibab or north kaibab to bright angel and of course reversing those and starting on the south side. South kaibab to bright angel doesn't go to the north rim at all. So for a rim to rim hike the north kaibab trail must be used. Though a rim to river hike is still very dangerous.


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