The North and South Kaibab Trails

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What do I need to know about the Kaibab Trails at the Grand Canyon?

The North and South Kaibab Trails

The North and South Kaibab Trails connect at Phantom Ranch, and are the second most popular trails in the Grand Canyon. The South Kaibab Trail is more rigorous than the Bright Angel Trail. The trail is about 6.7 miles to the bridge crossing the Colorado River, and another 1.5 miles to Bright Angel Campground. The South Kaibab leaves the rim at Yaki Point. Shuttle busses are available to Yaki Point, as it is closed to all traffic.

The South Kaibab is steep, has no shade, and no drinking water other than at the trailhead. Most experienced hikers do not try to hike out of the canyon on the South Kaibab, it is simply too steep. There are no campgrounds along the South Kaibab, either; you have to hike all the way to the Colorado River to the Bright Angel Campground.

The North Kaibab Trail connects the North Rim to the Colorado River, and connects with the South Kaibab. It is very steep, but there is seasonal drinking water available along the trail. Hiking to the river takes twice as long as the South Rim trails, as the North Kaibab is 13.8 miles long. Cottonwood Campground is available about 7 miles below the rim on the trail. Remember, camping is only allowed in designated campgrounds along all these "corridor" trails.



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