The Grand Canyon Condors

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Why are California Condors living at the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon Condors

Many birds live in the Grand Canyon, from swifts to the canyon wren. Look high over the chasm and chances are you'll see ravens dancing on the updrafts, and other large birds soaring on wide, heavy wings. These are California Condors, and they have not lived at the canyon for years.

In 1996, six birds were reintroduced to the canyon area, and they have continued to thrive in their new environment. Today, 51 condors live in the area as they have continued to be released into the wild. At least two pairs of the birds successfully bred and hatched young, but at least one of those young, the first born in the wild, died within two years of its' birth.

Seeing the condors in flight over the Grand Canyon is a magnificent and unforgettable sight. As you meander along the Rim Trail, take a look up into the skies over the Grand Canyon. You may be surprised at just what you'll see soaring in the blue skies above your head.



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