The Village Historic District

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Where is the Grand Canyon Village Historic District?

The Village Historic District

The Grand Canyon Village Historic District stretches from Verkamps Curio Shop in the east to the Kolb Studio in the west. Most all the buildings in this district were constructed at the turn of the 20th century, even before the canyon became a park in 1919.

You can drive most of the district on the Village Loop Road, and along that road, you'll also see many other native stone buildings that house park operations and staff. The large, native stone buildings with the green barn-like roofs and the pens outside are mule barns, used to house the mules that tackle the trails of the canyon every day.

You can't tell, but sprinkled in among these buildings are dorms for seasonal workers and side streets that lead to some of the residential areas of the village. Most of the people who work at the canyon live right here in the village, and if you explore some of the back roads, you'll see Park Service and concessionaire neighborhoods that look just like your own neighborhood back home.



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