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Can I make a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas in one day?

Day Trip to the Grand Canyon

Many visitors do not realize the distance from Grand Canyon to Las Vegas is really not that great. In fact, it's fairly easy to take a day to tour Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

The South Rim is about 250 miles from Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon West is even closer, only about 150 miles from Las Vegas. Grand Canyon West is home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, where visitors can walk on a "glass" bridge out into the canyon.

A Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas takes you right over the top of Hoover Dam, and though Kingman and Williams to the canyon. The drive takes about 4 1/2 hours each way, so you could spend a night when you arrive at the canyon to make sure you have enough time to see everything.

In the summertime, doing the drive at night is a nice option, because it's cooler, and you can time your arrival to the sunrise, which is a wonderful way to first view the canyon.

Where can I pick up Grand Canyon bus tours in Las Vegas?

Leaving Las Vegas

You can catch Grand Canyon bus tours all over Las Vegas. Some tour operators will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Some bus tours also operate out of Boulder City and North Las Vegas, too.

If you want to fly into the canyon, most tour airlines operate planes and helicopters out of Las Vegas, and will combine your flight with a Grand Canyon bus tour once you arrive at the Grand Canyon Airport.

You can also get Grand Canyon bus tours to Williams, and then switch to the Grand Canyon Railway for your final journey to the canyon. If you would like to see more of Northern Arizona, combine Grand Canyon bus tours with tours to Sedona, Flagstaff, the Navajo country, or Lake Powell.

What is Grand Canyon West, and how far is it from Las Vegas?

Grand Canyon West Tours

You can book many different tours to the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas. If you don't want to travel as far as the South Rim, your best Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour choice is a trip to Grand Canyon West.

Operated by the Hualapai Indians, Grand Canyon West offers many of the same features you'd find in the national park, only it's closer and less crowded.

Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour options to Grand Canyon West include bus tours, air and ground tours, helicopter tours, river rafting, and SUV or Hummer tours along the rim. The Hualapai also operate a lodge, restaurant, and Native American cultural center in Grand Canyon West. It's only 150 miles from Las Vegas, so it's very doable as a day trip.

Where are the Hopi mesas in relation to the Grand Canyon?

A Different Grand Canyon Tour

For a really different experience, look for unique Grand Canyon bus tours, such as a trip to the Hopi Mesas east of the Grand Canyon. The Hopi Indians live on their tribal lands the same way they have lived for thousands of years, and visitors can see their ancient pueblos first-hand on these tours.

The Hopi Cultural Center located on Second Mesa offers a hotel and restaurant, along with a cooperative art gallery showcasing Hopi artists and craftspeople. Prices are reasonable and the trip to the mesas is beautiful and haunting.

Some Grand Canyon bus tours offer tours to the mesas that originate in Las Vegas and include a visit to the South Rim. Many Hopi mesa tours originate in Sedona and Flagstaff, too.

What is included in most Grand Canyon bus tours?

Bus Tours From Vegas to Grand Canyon

If you'd like to visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, your best bet are Grand Canyon bus tours. There are more of them than any other type of Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour, and they are available just about any day of the year.

Most of these tours pick guests up at their hotels, and drop them off at their hotel after the tour is over. Many offer all meals and beverages along the way, too. Most itineraries include a stop at Hoover Dam and Kingman, then on to the canyon for several hours of open time to sightsee and shop.

Each tour company is different, so be sure to check whether meals, entrance fees, and drop-off and pick-up are covered in the cost of your Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour.

Is there a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour available to see both destinations?

Combining Tours in Las Vegas

You get the best of both worlds when you combine a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour. Many operators offer Las Vegas Strip tours, combined with an overnight tour to the Grand Canyon. You can experience the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas along with the beauty of a national park all in one.

Most tour operators can accommodate visitors with special needs, too. Some tour busses are equipped for the disabled, and special dietary concerns can be accommodated, too. Be sure to book your tours early because they fill up quickly, especially in the summer.

What extras are offered on Grand Canyon helicopter tours?

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

A popular Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas is the helicopter tour. Helicopters are a great option because they can travel where fixed-wing aircraft cannot, including the very bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Many tours offer the option of landing at the bottom of the canyon for a few minutes to an hour or more. The helicopters are usually faster than aircraft, so you can spend more time at the canyon and less time getting there.

Some helicopter Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tours include meals, or a champagne toast at the bottom of the canyon. Many different tour companies offer helicopter tours, and many offer discounts for booking tours online in advance. Check to see what amenities each company offers before you book your tour.

What is a National Park Pass?

Buy a National Park Pass

If you're planning a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas, you might consider adding other parks to your tour, like the North Rim, Zion and Bryce. If you plan to visit more than one park during your tour, it can pay to invest in a National Park Pass. You can buy them at any park visitor center, online, or over the phone.

A National Park Pass is good for one year from the date it is purchased, and allows entry into any national park in the country. They are a great way to see several parks in one trip without paying entrance fees at each one.

If you're over 62, you can purchase a Golden Age Passport for only $10 which covers lifetime entry into national parks for you and members of your party. Some restrictions do apply, so be sure to check with the Park Service about restrictions before you purchase any Pass or Passport.

Do Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour companies offer other services, too?

Bus Tour Services

Some tour companies offer a wide variety of services to their customers. For example, when you book a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour with some companies, they offer the opportunity to book Vegas shows, Grand Canyon hotels, and other tours, along with your Grand Canyon tour.

Most companies will also create custom tour packages just for your family and friends. Many offer vans driving from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, instead of large tour busses, so you can have a more intimate experience.

Make sure there are no hidden costs in your Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour. Some tour companies advertise low prices, but do not cover "extras" such as your entrance fees to the park.

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