East and West Rim Tours

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Can't I just take a shuttle bus to the West Rim and Yaki Point?

East and West Rim Tours

If you're looking for a Grand Canyon South Rim tour to Hermit's Rest or Desert View, there are several to choose from. For most of the year, the road west to Hermit's Rest is closed to private traffic, and so is the road east to Yaki Point and the South Kaibab Trailhead.

That means if you'd like to visit these areas, you'll need to take a shuttle bus or a guided tour. Guided tours will give you a much better understanding of the history and details of the areas as you travel, and you can enjoy the scenery while someone else worries about the driving. They're also quicker than the shuttle busses, which only pick up and drop off at prescribed times along the route.

The canyon looks far different from the East Rim, which offers open views of the Vermillion Cliffs and Painted Desert, and the West Rim, which offers some of the best views of the Colorado River from the rim, so don't miss these tours when you visit the Grand Canyon.



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