A Little Leery of a White Water Raft Trip?

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I don't think I'm up for Grand Canyon white water rafting, is there another alternative?

A Little Leery of a White Water Raft Trip?

If you're a bit afraid of experiencing Grand Canyon white water rafting, or simply don't have time for a multi-day adventure, you can still experience a Grand Canyon raft trip. Lots of companies offer alternatives that will fit your time frame and fear factor.

Smooth-water trips from Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry take only 1/2 a day, but will give you an introduction to float trips and rafting in general. These trips are usually leisurely, kick-back excursions that anyone of any age can enjoy.

One day Grand Canyon white water rafting trips are available, too. Some of them combine a helicopter trip to the launch site, (usually in Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian lands), and a day-long adventure on some moderate white water rapids.



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