Make Your Reservations Early!

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How far ahead should I make reservations if I want to stay at one of the Grand Canyon hotels?

Make Your Reservations Early!

Some people like to travel without reservations, stopping where they will along the road when it seems right. If your travel plans in Arizona include a stop at the Grand Canyon, that's not such a good idea. Over 5 million visitors explore the park every year, and most of them arrive in the summer months, so accommodations can be at a real premium.

While there are plenty of Grand Canyon accommodations around the park for miles, inside the park boundaries you'll only find six hotels, and only four of those are located on the rim. There are several more choices outside the park in Tusayan, and Valle, and then you'll have to travel to Williams or Flagstaff to find a room. So, most people recommend making reservations at least three to six months in advance, or even up to a year for the busiest summer season. You can make reservations online for all the hotels inside the park, and many outside the park boundaries, as well.



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