Hotels in Tusayan

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Where is Tusayan, and what resorts and hotels are located there?

Hotels in Tusayan

Tusyan is the settlement just a few miles outside the park boundary on the South Rim. It's also the home of the Grand Canyon Airport, where you'll arrive if you fly into the canyon. There are several hotels and resorts located in Tusayan, and sometimes you can find a room there when hotels inside the park fill up.

While the resorts inside the park feature few amenities for families, (like swimming pools and such), many of the hotels in Tusayan feature a variety of family fun activities, such as swimming, bowling, tennis courts, and mini-suites.

There are also several restaurants in Tusayan, from casual buffets to a steak house. The IMAX theater that screens the documentary "Grand Canyon - The Hidden Secrets" is in Tusayan, too. Visitors can also enjoy Native American entertainment, including song and dance, at some of the Tusayan locations.



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