Other Grand Canyon Hotels

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What other hotel options are located inside Grand Canyon National Park?

Other Grand Canyon Hotels

The two most well-known hotels inside the national park are the El Tovar and the Bright Angel Lodge. However, there are other hotel options inside the park. Yavapai Lodge is conveniently located on the Market Plaza, near the grocery store, bank, and post office. It's a favorite with families because of the large rooms and the nearby café with serves a variety of family-friendly fare.

The Maswik Lodge is the newest hotel in the park, and some of the rooms feature refrigerators and in-room coffee. There's also a sports bar in the lounge of this hotel, near the cafeteria. Both of these lodges are located about 1/2 mile or so from the canyon rim, so their rates tend to be a bit lower than hotels located right on the rim.



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