The Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

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When's the best time to visit the Grand Canyon for a relaxing vacation?

The Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

The best time to travel to the Grand Canyon for a peaceful, relaxed vacation is certainly not summertime. That's the time when most people travel to the Grand Canyon for vacation. If you're looking for real peace and quiet at the canyon, then choose those times when fewer people tend to visit.

The holidays, especially just before or after Christmas and Thanksgiving, are a good time to travel to the canyon. Many people don't travel for vacation that time of the year, and the canyon can be pretty empty and especially relaxing.

Early spring is also a great time to visit. Set your sights for February and early March, before the snows melt and most families begin to hit the road for summer. Remember, however, the canyon can receive heavy snowfall during late fall, winter, and early spring. Take a tour bus, fly, or take the Grand Canyon Railway if you're not comfortable driving in snow and ice.



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