Hiking the Backcountry Trails at Grand Canyon

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Are there other hiking trails inside the Grand Canyon?

Hiking the Backcountry Trails at Grand Canyon

The only Grand Canyon trails that are regularly patrolled and maintained by the Park Service are the Bright Angel and the North and South Kaibab Trails. However, there are numerous other backcountry trails inside the canyon.

Backcountry permits are required for all these non-maintained trails, and hikers should understand the rigors of these trails before they start their hike. In fact, most experts recommend that hikers using these trails should be experienced Grand Canyon hikers before they attempt any of these backcountry trails.

Non-maintained trails are not maintained by the Park Service. That means if a storm washes out a section of trail, they won't fix it, and you'll have to find your way around the debris. It also means that hikers will need to carry their own food, water, and gear. There are a few seasonal springs on some of the backcountry trails, but most have no water and little or no shade.

Some of the most popular backcountry trails are the Grandview Trail, the Hermit Trail, the Tonto Trail, and the Clear Creek Trail. You can find out more information about these trails, where the trailheads are located, and what to expect on the trails at the National Park Service website.



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