The El Tovar Hotel

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What's so special about the El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon?

The El Tovar Hotel

The El Tovar Hotel

I worked at the El Tovar restaurant in the front and back of the house. It's a beautiful building, and you shouldn't miss dining there on your trip to the Grand Canyon. If the price of dinner is a little too steep for your wallet, try the restaurant for breakfast or lunch instead.

Watch the open log beams above your head as you dine. You may see a ring-tailed cat or two balancing their way across the beams. These little animals look like a cross between a raccoon and a house cat (hence their name). They're fast, so you'll have to keep your eyes open to spot them!

Be prepared to wait for a table if you don't have a reservation in the summertime. Waits can be long – 2 hours or more. Luckily there's a small lounge off the restaurant where you can relax while you wait for your table.



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