Don't Cut Your Visit Short

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How long should I give myself to really see and experience the Grand Canyon?

Don't Cut Your Visit Short

It's not unusual to hear a tourist say, "I only have one hour to spend at the Grand Canyon – what should I see." If you only have an hour to spend, don't plan on seeing more than a viewpoint or two. The canyon is a big place, and an hour is barely enough time to get from the entrance station to the visitor center and Mather Point.

Instead of rushing around the canyon for an hour or two, give yourself several days to really explore and experience the canyon. The view from each vista is different, and so is the same view at different parts of the day. In the early morning and evening, when the sun is low, the canyon's rich colorations really come through. At high noon, the canyon appears hazy and less detailed. Colors seem to change minute by minute as the light changes, which is why the canyon is often called "the house of stone and light."

Take your visit to the canyon slowly, and savor all you can of the park. It is a treasure, and any treasure is worth saving up for and relishing, rather than rushing though it to get to the next destination. Slow down, and enjoy all the views.



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